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2013 Virtual Show Results

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Feb 1 - Mar 4, 2013

Mar 7 - 10, 2013 Snake River Virtual Fainting Goat Show
Fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Fainting Goat Show

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April 1 - May 6, 2013 May 9 - 12, 2013
Oregon Virtual Fainting Goat Show
Fundraiser for the Oregon Fainting Goat Show
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Jul 1 -Aug 11, 2013

Aug 14 -17, 2013

Valley of the Sun Virtual Show
Fundraiser for the Valley of the Sun Fainting Goat Show

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Congratulations to all the Winners!

2013 High Point Winners

High Point Buck

High Point Doe

High Point Wether

Webber's Grove Happy
Owned by Ahart Acres
Faint-Hearted Ranch Winter Grace
Owned by Faint-Hearted Ranch
Old Baily's Farm Exchequer
Owned by Old Baily's Heritage Farm

2013 Top Ten Winners

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  Bucks Owner Points
1 Webber's Grove Happy Ahart Acres 17.00
2 FHR Pure Country Faint-Hearted Ranch 14.50
3 Bakken's Farm Heartbreaker Bakken's Farm 14.00
4 Fern Hill Duke Moenning Hill Farm 9.00
5 Bakken's Farm I Am Legend Bakken's Farm 7.50
6 Sugar Creek Ranch Duke Sugar Creek Ranch 7.25
7 Flying J Fainter's Keno Kiva de Chaco's Fainting Goats 7.00
7 Syncope Falls Farm Keepin' It Real Syncope Falls Farm 7.00
8 Bakken's Farm Blade Bakken's Farm 5.50
9 FHR Midnight Express Faint-Hearted Ranch 4.50
9 Pond View Myotonics Lucky Pond View Myotonics 4.50
9 Quinton Ranch Rodeo Star Triple-T Ranch 4.50
9 Sugar Creek Ranch Sportsman Sugar Creek Ranch 4.50
9 Wolf River Reno Mini Dream Acres 4.50
10 Ahart Acres Pierre Ahart Acres 4.00
10 Bakken's Farm Painted Apache Bakken's Farm 4.00
10 Moenning Hill Farm Cairo Moenning Hill Farm 4.00
10 Sugar Creek Ranch Carhartt Sugar Creek Ranch 4.00
10 Woody Creek Farm Silverado Sugar Creek Ranch 4.00

  Wethers Owner Points

Old Bailys Farm Exchequer

Old Baily Heritage Farm 11.50
2 Bakken's Farm Denny Bakken's Farm 8.00
3 Triple-T Luke Rocking R Ranch 7.25
4 Buck Creek Cade Whitney Rogers 7.00
5 3DA Thor 3 Dubs Acres 6.50
5 Triple-T Kris Rocking R Ranch 6.50
6 Triple-T Bubba Courtney Teichert 6.00
7 Triple-T Neapolitan Rocking R Ranch 5.50
8 Moenning Hill Farm Blackjack Sam Whitney Rogers 5.00
8 Triple-T Centurion Bucking Adorable Fainters 5.00
9 Moenning Hill Farm Blackjack Howie Whitney Rogers 4.00
9 Walkabout's Charlie Southern Comfort Farm 4.00
10 Silver Creek Stables Rudolph Garth Gardner  3.00
10 Triple-T Little Bit Triple-T Ranch 3.00
  Does Owner Points
1 FHR Winter Grace Faint-Heart Ranch  24.00
2 Pond View Myotonics Stormy Pond View Myotonics 21.00
3 Bassefield Junebug Bassefield Fainter 14.00
4 Pond View Myotonics Bunny Pond View Myotonics 13.50
5 Sugar Creek Ranch Blueberry Sugar Creek Ranch 11.00
6 Bakken's Farm Lacota Bakken's Farm 9.00
6 Pond View Myotonics Dinah Pond View Myotonics 9.00
6 PVM Lightening Pond View Myotonics 9.00
7 Buck Creek Serafina Whitney Rogers 8.50
8 Bakken's Farm Mia Bakken's Farm 7.50
8 Sugar Creek Ranch Star Sugar Creek Ranch 7.50
8 Triple-T Bailey's Beads Old Baily Heritage Farm  7.50
7 Liberty Hill's Red Fern Kiva de Chaco's Fainting Goats 7.00
7 Pond View Myotonics Tippy Pond View Myotonics  7.00
7 Sugar Creek Ranch Berry Sugar Creek Ranch 7.00
8 Bunkin O Ranch Emma Triple-T Ranch 6.50
8 Painted Rose Ranch Ellie Mae Triple-T Ranch 6.50
9 Ahart Acres Golden BamBoo Kiva de Chaco's Fainting Goats  6.00
9 Moenning Hill Annie Oakley Moenning Hill Farm 6.00
10 Rockin K's Blu Opal Kiva de Chaco's Fainting Goats  5.50
10 Moenning Hill Pandora Mae Moenning Hill Farm 5.50
10 Take Heart Ramona Triple-T Ranch 5.50

Total 2013 Points Earned to Date - Bucks ~ Does ~ Wethers

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