2012 Virtual Show Results

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2012 Virtual Show Results

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April 14, 2012 Arkansas Myotonic Goat Breeders Association
Fundraiser for the American Heritage, Goat, Games & More Festival
Bucks ~ Does ~ Wethers ~ Best in Show
June 3, 2012 Oregon Virtual Fainting Goat Show
Fundraiser for the Oregon Fainting Goat Show
Jr Bucks ~ Sr Bucks ~ Jr Does ~ Sr Does
Wethers ~ Best in Show
September 2, 2012

Valley of the Sun Virtual Myotonic Show
Fundraiser for the Valley of the Sun Fainting Goat Show

Jr Bucks ~ Sr Bucks ~ Jr Does ~ Sr Does
Wethers ~ Best in Show

Congratulations to all the Winners!

2012 High Point Winners

High Point Buck

High Point Doe

High Point Wether

Bending Tree Ranch Goatee
Owned by Bending Tree Ranch
Bakken's Farm Mandy
Owned by Bakken's Farm
Gray Robin Ranch Loring "Noah"
Owned by Marian's Furever Friends

2012 Top Ten Winners

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  Bucks Owner Points
1 BTR Goatee Bending Tree Ranch 36.0
2 Bakken's Farm Rock Show Bakken's Farm 18.5
3 Ahart Acres Jagger Ahart Acres 16.5
4 Green Pastures Firecracker Liberty Hill Farm 15.5
4 Liberty Hills K1 Liberty Hill Farm 15.5
5 Bakken's Farm Kansas Outlaw Bakken's Farm 12.5
6 Bakken's Farm Kid Rock Bakken's Farm 11.5
7 Bending Tree Ranch Red Cloud Bending Tree Ranch 11.0
8 Moonlight Farms Blackjack Bassefield Fainters 10.5
9 BTR What Not Bending Tree Ranch 10.0
10 Over EZ Acres Spotted Buck Grace's Farm 9.0

  Wethers Owner Points
1 Gray Robin Ranch Loring "Noah" Marion's Furever Friends 13.50
2 Over EZ Acres Dapper Dan Over EZ Acres 12.00
3 Clover Leaf Ranch Vinnie Cindy Sallee 11.50
4 Triple-T Bubba Courtney Teichert 10.75
5 Fainted-Hearted Ranch Cupcake April Azarian 9.50
6 Gray Robin Ranch Gunter Marion's Furever Friends 8.00
7 Moenning Hill Farm Blackjack Sam Moenning Hill Farm 7.50
8 Bakken's Farm Seoras Bakken's Farm 5.50
9 Triple-T Little Bit Triple-T Ranch 4.50
10 Triple-T Neapolitan Ron Robinson 4.00
10 Buck Creek Cade Whitney Rogers 4.00
  Does Owner Points
1 Bakken's Farm Mandy Bakken's Farm 20.0
2 Over EZ Acres Angelina Over EZ Acres 16.0
3 Bassefield Mercedes Bassefield Fainters 15.5
3 Bakken's Farm Misty River Bakken's Farm 15.5
4 Bedrock's Rupunzel Over EZ Acres 13.0
4 Bassefield Dorey Bassefield Fainters 13.0
5 Ginger's Folly Farm Bambi Gray Robin Ranch 12.5
5 Liberty Hills Red Fern Kiva de Chaco Fainting Goats 12.5
6 Bakken's Farm Elsa Bakken's Farm 10.5
7 Bakken's Farm Chloe Bakken's Farm 9.5
8 R Fainting Showme R Fainting Farm 9.0
8 Bakken's Farm Lacota Bakken's Farm 9.0
8 Liberty Hills Z1 Liberty Hill Farm 9.0
8 Little Acres Ebony Rose Our Little Acres 9.0
9 Ahart Acres Chrysalis Hush Hills Fainters 8.5
9 Pine Acres LuLa Belle Our Little Acres 8.5
9 FHR Cinnamon April Azarian 8.5
10 FHR Bryanna's Star Faint-Hearted Ranch 8.0
10 Little Acres Hello Kitty Our Little Acres 8.0
10 Green Pastures Coral Bell Kiva de Chaco Fainting Goats 8.0

All Points Earned in 2012 - Bucks ~ Does ~ Wethers

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