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Congratulations to all the 2014 Winners


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June 6-7, 2014 Utah Fainting Goat Show
2 MGR, 2 FGG, and 2 Futurities
Cancelled - Rescheduled for next year
Ogden, Utah
July 10-13, 2014

North-West Classic
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3 MGR Shows ~ 2 FGG Shows ~ 2 Futurity Shows

FGG Youth Show

New Plymouth, Idaho
September 19, 2014 Rocky Mountain Fainting Goat Show
1 FGG Show & Showmanship
Results are posted!
Ogden, Utah

October 17-18, 2014

Valley of the Sun Fainting Goat Show
1 MGR, 2 FGG, 1 Futurity & 2014 Regional Championships
Results are Posted!
Ramona, California
Western Region's Top Ten 2014 Overall High Point Winners
Congratulations to the
2014 Overall High Point Buck!

Fall Over Farms Smoke N Mirrors
Bred by Pam Weeks (Fall Over Farms)
Owned by Pam Weeks (Fall Over Farms)

  Bucks Owner Points
1 FOF Smoke N Mirrors Fall Over Farms 17.25
2 Painted Rose Ranch Austin Rising S Ranch 13.5
3 Rising S Heartbreaker Rising S Ranch 9.5
4 Fall Over Farms Don't Know Fal Over Farms 8.5
5 FF Mr. Tumnus Frassenei Farms 7.5
6 3 Dubs Acres Hiapo "RJ" 3 Dubs Acres 6.5
6 FHR Rising Son "Sonny" 3 Dubs Acres 6.5
7 Fall Over Farms Klass Act Rising S Ranch 6.0
8 Ahart Acres Jagger Spin River Meadows 5.75
9 Bells Goats Tykie Jr Bells Goats 5.0
10 3 Dubs Acres Razmataz Chester's Acres 4.5

Congratulations to the
2014 Overall High Point Doe!

Faint-Hearted Ranch Spring Breeze
Bred by Jessica Shaffer (Faint-Hearted Ranch)
Owned by Pam Weeks (Fall Over Farms)

  Does Owner Points
1 Faint-Hearted Ranch Spring Breeze Fall Over Farms 25.5
2 Bells Goats Debbie Frassenei Farms 18.0
3 Faint-Hearted Ranch Sunset Sparkle Fall Over Farms 16.0
3 Twin Oaks Ranch Sweet Dreamer Fall Over Farms 16.0
4 3 Dubs Acres Leialoha "Ali" Rising S Ranch 13.5
5 Faint=Hearted Ranch Winter Grace Triple-T Ranch 13.0
6 Fall Over Farms Molly McGee Fal Over Farms 10.5
7 Bells Goats Midnight Bells Goats 9.0
8 Fall Over Farms She Be Jammin' Fal Over Farms 8.5
9 Fall Over Farms French Kiss Fal Over Farms 8.0
10 3 Dubs Acres Nani Pu'wa "Pui" 3 Dubs Acres 6.5

Congratulations to the
2014 Overall High Point Wether!

Painted Rose Ranch Kaden
Bred by Julie Rose (Painted Rose Ranch)
Owned by Shelly Strahan (Rising S Ranch)
  Wethers Owner Points
1 Painted Rose Ranch Kaden Rising S Ranch 11.5
2 Triple-T Coppertone Triple-T Ranch 8.0
3 Rising S Curly Rising S Ranch 7.5
4 Triple-T Luke Rocking R Ranch 7.25
5 SRM Henri Matisse Spin River Meadow 7.0
5 SCR Rudolph Harley's Barn 7.0
6 Triple-T Ringo Regan Cutshall 6.5
7 Triple-T Vader Brittany Roman 6.25
8 Bells Goats Mr Hopefull Yama Goats 4.5
8 Triple-T Bubba Courtney Teichert 4.5
9 Bells Goats Zayne Bowden Goat Ranch 4.0
10 Bucking Adoeable Ranger Bucking Adoeable 3.5
10 Triple-T Kris Rocking R Ranch 3.5

Western Region - 2014 Total Points Earned

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Congratulations to all the 2014 Winners!
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